Kombumerri Traditional Custodian Contributor: Uncle Graham Dillon OAM

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Q46.What were the Indigenous protocols when communicating with different age groups, e.g. Elders and children?

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For example, a child, a boy. Boys now, not girls. Boys growing up, ten, eleven or twelve, they are mentored all the time, growing up. Because they’re the next mob of warriors. And, so, you ensure to keep the line going and keep the strength, the spiritual strength of that family because it’s the men in certain areas. On the Gold Coast… matriarch. Matriarchal but men were there. The warriors were there. They trained the boys, the children. And the important part is when it was time, say ten, eleven, twelve… pre-puberty. They’d all be gathered inside the Bora Ring… sixth avenue, Miami. Everything’s prepared for them. A nice leafy altar or table there and the Elders would be there. Only the Elders, nobody else is allowed. And that was a special occasion where they’d be circumcised. After circumcision, they’re taken away. Not allowed to go back to their parents, at all. And, they’re taken away. Sometimes recorded six weeks, sometimes longer. And they’re taught all about codes of conduct, how to live. Don’t steal, don’t cheat, anything like that. And, so, it was a principle that’s been there for millennia. And that’s why the Aboriginal people… they had wonderful codes of conduct and principles on how to live, love and respect your neighbours.