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Griffith University School of Education and Professional Studies Griffith University would like to acknowledge the important role of the PLC3 cluster schools in generating questions that informed the video content. These Gold Coast educators were curious about how to respectfully embed Kombumerri histories and culture sensitively into the classroom.

Now educators can utilise their professional expertise to embed this knowledge into unit planning relevant to their year level, learning area and school context. Likewise, Griffith University aims to incorporate these perspectives into teaching practices and increase awareness and appreciation of local cultural knowledge and recognise the Kombumerri people’s custodianship of the land on which our Gold Coast campus is located.

Science resources respond to the following Enquiry Questions –

Q#Enquiry Questions related to Science

How did natural disasters in the past affect the Kombumerri people?

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How weather events are described in Indigenous culture?

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How did the Kombumerri seasons differ from the European seasons?

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Did Indigenous people predict the weather and organise their lives according to the conditions? E.g. Wet season, food availability.

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Where were the popular hunting grounds of the Kombumerri people and what did they catch or collect?

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Were there farming or cultivation techniques used by the Kombumerri people?

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How did the Kombumerri people use the sun, moon and constellation patterns? And if so, how?


How was paint made and what was it used for?

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Were there any parts of the Kombumerri country where people resided in caves?

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Were there any specific medicinal remedies that the Kombumerri people used?

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Video titles relevant to Science

The video content has been provided by Uncle Graham Dillon, his three grandchildren: Max Dillon, Justine Dillon, and Emerald Brewer; and his two great nieces: Tess Blundell and Madeleine Pugin. All contributors are members of an extended family network and descendants of Andrew and Jenny Graham. The knowledge and stories shared by these contributors have been passed down through generations of families and provide insight into how Country has always been a place of teaching, research and learning for Kombumerri people. While Griffith University and the Department of Education acknowledge that Kombumerri people own the Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property contained in the videos, they understand that versions of the knowledge and stories shared in the videos may vary from that of others within the broader Kombumerri community.

1.How to Tell What is in Season
11.Plant Resources
13.More Natural Resources
25.The Seasons
32.Did the Kombumerri Farm?
33.Paint and Ochre
34.Respecting the Environment and Totems
36.Natural Disasters
37.Predicting the Weather
38.Hunting Grounds
49.What Shelters did the Kombumerri Make and Use