Kombumerri Traditional Custodian Contributor: Uncle Graham Dillon OAM

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Q4.Ways to care for a familiar place – Indigenous perspective on how they care for their special places.
Q6.How the Kombumerri cared for Country.
Q18.Compare/contrast: land use/sustainability in the past and present.
Q26.What were the spirits and gods significant to the Kombumerri people?
Q65.Which plant materials or animal products were available to the Kombumerri people that assisted them in the creation of clothing, tools and other items? (types of trees used in this area).

Resource transcript –

Yes, they knew that if they weren’t respectful to Mother Earth that… they knew but they knew that it couldn’t be, it might not be a good season next time. Especially with the sea gods which they believed in and the gods on the land who helped make the land. They knew that they had to respect everything that those higher beings gave to them. And, so, it was important that they took only enough out of the land and the water that they wouldn’t be accused of being greedy. There was no greed in the Aboriginal psyche. They knew but they knew, through being mentored by the Elders that they just had to conform to the way of life that they were expected to live. They knew the importance of, what I would say, no overkill. Just enough for that family to survive. Otherwise it becomes overuse of the land and that’s where you fall into problems. Abusing the land. And sadly we see a lot of abuse of the land these days. Thousands and thousands and thousands of acres are wantonly, carelessly wiped out of existence when everything has a purpose in life. And the land… the Aboriginal people, they knew their limitations with regard to care and management. Not carelessness and not mismanagement but care and manage Mother Earth, which was the good and great provider.